UK travel

IMG_0123(Photo taken by me in London June 2015 during a tour with photography tours at night London)

Often the UK is overlooked as somewhere to travel. London of course is the exception to this. In the past few years I have begun to explore the UK more with trips in Scotland, Wales and Ireland. I very much love the sun and Scotland and Ireland were a little too rainy and cloudy for my liking but have beautiful views and landscapes with much more to be discovered.

York has recently been a great surprise and delight for me. I went with no specific expectations and left feeling like I discovered a lovely city steeped in history and boutique shops and restaurants. York was busy yet I never really felt rushed or claustrophobic, the people there but almost unnoticed. The charm for me was the boutique restaurants and shops each offering something slightly different. The York Roast company was a welcome sight to get my roast dinner fix and very much reminded me of Oink in Edinburgh – I can’t believe London and other cities haven’t caught onto this type of restaurant yet!! My highlight of the trip was seeing the beauty that is York Minster and the York Chocolate Story which was a couple of hours extremely well spent. I can’t recommend the Chocolate story enough for all ages.IMG_0282 (Snapshot from York Chocolate Story museum – I don’t want to give away too much of the tour!)

It just shows that although it is great to travel the world, it is equally as important to discover the (not so hidden) treasures a few hours train ride away.