Panama Part 2

We arrived in Bocas del Toro to torrential rain, Caribbean accents and the sounds of reggae. We travelled to Bocas by boat and spent the first afternoon (when the rain had stopped) exploring the beaches.


Throughout our time in Bocas we ate some amazing food, curried fish and coconut rice was one of my standout favourites. We walked everywhere and were constantly surrounded by reggae and friendly locals. It feels very much like you are part of the community and every evening was spent at a different restaurant on a jetty over the water.
In Bocas in December you have to be prepared for torrential downpours at some point in the afternoon/early evening but once the skies clear the weather is lovely and warm.
A day that will live in my memory forever was spent in Bocas. We travelled to ‘Dolphin Bay’ and caught a glimpse of some dolphins dining on jellyfish. Being the first time seeing dolphins in the wild was amazing and a privilege. We went from Dolphin Bay onto Isla Zapatilla, a beautiful, calm, deserted island with clear blue water as far as the eye can see. I felt like I had been marooned in the set of Pirates of the Caribbean!! We were then taken by our guide to see some sloths before heading on to a great spot for snorkelling which was a great experience. We spent the remainder of the day on the beach and I wish I could live that day again and again!!
I was extremely sad to leave Bocas and it’s heavy Caribbean feel but I went on to the San Blas islands which were straight out of paradise and provided a back to basics experience with the tranquility and amazing sunshine I was after! Seeing the 365 minute islands was amazing and I love that tourism is yet to spoil them and I don’t imagine the locals will let that happen!


Isla Zapatilla

Bocas and San Blas are two areas of paradise that gave me experiences that I will treasure for a lifetime.

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