Independent travel v travelling companions


(Albufera, Valencia)

I always know that starting a solo adventure and starting an adventure with my friends/family will be totally different.

Without a doubt travelling with others gives you a bit of a safety blanket. Someone to help if you’ve packed way too many things, someone to feel safe with when getting a taxi or public transport or walking late at night. Someone to talk to while you eat in restaurants.

Travelling with my family is always comfortable and enjoyable. We all know each others habits, fall into a routine quickly and generally all want to do the same things or spend the same amount of time in museums!

Travelling with friends is usually always fun although can definitely make or break a friendship! If they forget they have set their phone alarm for 4.30am and somehow sleep through it while you’re trying desperately to find the phone in the middle of the night after a long journey and then they have no recollection of it in the morning and seem to not care about your efforts to silence the alarm then maybe it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the trip!

Travelling solo is totally different and definitely where I have learnt the most about myself. It gives you time away from everything you know and throws you in at the deep end. You have time to reflect, to become independent and to become comfortable with your own company. It also means you only have to really think about yourself and it can also put you in situations where you meet people you probably wouldn’t have met had you been with people you know.

Travelling alone as a woman can mean you are much more alert to danger which can be tiring but the important thing is to stay in contact with your loved ones (thank god for wifi) and don’t put yourself in any dangerous situations like walking through deserted streets alone at 2am.

I have travelled to Europe and Central America alone and now feel comfortable flying alone and doing everything else alone that comes with solo travel. You can have some amazing experiences and find out about an inner strength or inner adrenaline junkie or whatever else it is that you didn’t know you had as you hadn’t stepped outside your comfort zone.

For me travelling solo was a great way to see different parts of the world at a time when my friends and family didn’t want to go to the same destinations as me or couldn’t afford to. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to travel for the sake of travelling alone.

Now I prefer to travel with my loved ones so that I can share amazing experiences with them but would always consider solo travel again in the future!

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